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About Us

Innovative Tile Designs came into existence in 2000 with the creation of our very first design--a 4 x 6 black slate silhouette of a bear.  Our flooring business, Jay Flooring, has been in operation since 1978.  From a simple wet saw used with our first design to a more precision type, we have maintained a truly Handmade Style.  None of our work is done by any programmable CAD machine or water jet cut.  This is so we can continue to feature a Hand Crafted quality that is rare in the inlay industry.

Similar to mosaic designs, yet truly innovative, our creations are cut out of full, large tiles--causing the imagery to be more profound.  We use any type of tile, stone or marble and cut and set these into an array of styles from real-life landscapes, wildlife, and floral, to geometric patterns and medallions.  We also enjoy doing Custom work by consulting together with you on a particular design or style that would be unique for your home or business.

Jay and Rebecca have always enjoyed working together creating something just a little different.  She is artistically inclined and he is perpetually full of fresh ideas--being exposed to both the commercial and residential flooring world throughout the Eastern states.  Thus we have taken a 30 year career in flooring and given it a little twist--thereby creating Innovative Tile Designs.